Recipes Workshop

Image from Rebecca Matthews on Unsplash

In the lead up to June, when we will begin sharing student submissions, we have a series of workshops that we hope your students will participate in. 

The first workshop, following the theme of Acadie that is ever present in the history of the Grand Pré landscape, we come to you with several traditional Acadian foods! Try your hand at following one of the recipes that we have shared, or perhaps your own family recipe, and share images of the results with us at 

While you are making one of the recipes, think about how the foods would have fit into the daily lives of the Acadians living in Grand Pré, as well as how they fit within Acadian culture today. 

Please make sure that you have adult help, if need be, and be safe in the kitchen.


Fricot –

Rapure/Rappie Pie –

Tourtiere –

Ploye –

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